3 juli 2011

first impressions

So I'll continue in English again. Looks like the problems with my Dutch website have been resolved.

We're now almost 2 weeks in Bangkok. Still no container so once again we're camping in our house. We got some furniture (pots and pans and mattresses to sleep on) from Wan, our relocations agent, and Jaimy our American neighbour lent some stuff too (seating).

And while shopping for some towels I saw the bed of my dreams. My dear husband decided to by it for us, soooo romantic. So now we're sleeping like Royals.

As Rob has to work during the weekdays and I have no transportation yet we've rented some temporary wheels for me. A golf cart, how decadent. But ideal for our neighborhood.

And experiencing the crazy traffic here (sooo much cars on the road, traffic jams  every where, even to get out of the shopppingmall it took us 1 hour to get of  the parking) it looks like I'll opt. for a scooter instead of buying a second car. If I want to explore BKK it is cheaper to go by taxi or use public transportation (and faster too I expect).

Yesterday Rob finished making a scratching pole for our cat. A hell of a job without the right tools (toolbox still in container). But he did it. Cream really enjoys that thing but our lazy fat cat Bailey's can't be bothered to climb all the way. Oh well as soon as boxerpup Dinkel will arrive in the house she will chase him into the pole in no time -_-.

Some more pics:

btw: The fruit is amazing overhere. So fresh and sweet. And cheap, especially if you buy them in season.
Here you see Rambutans (Ngaw) on theleft and Mangosteen (Mahng-Koot) on the right. Delicious!

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